1 Rocket/ mango/ prawns/ pesto 32 zł
2 Blueberries/ salad mix/ cream sauce/ fresh vegetables 30 zł
3 Smoked beef/ salad mix/ fresh vegetables/ walnut sauce 36 zł


1 Green cold soup with cucumbers/ natural yogurt/ avocado/ Philadelphia cheese 35 zł
2 Fish soup with seafood 35 zł
3 White root soup baked with a beef rib 26 zł

Cold appetizers

1 Beef steak tartare 32 zł
2 Canned fish spread with rice served on a baguette 26 zł
3 Venetian style baguette with olive oil and olives 20 zł
4 Prawn mix: in black panko, in filo, in sweet chilli sauce 32 zł
5 Filling made of duck with cranberry sauce served on crispy challah bread 26 zł

Side dishes

1 Rustic potatoes 8 zł
2 French fries 8 zł
3 Saffron risotto 10 zł
4 Roasted vegetables 10 zł
5 Grilled vegetables 10 zł
6 Blanched vegetables 8 zł

Main dishes

1 Beef tenderloin steak/ new potatoes fried on butter/ fresh vegetables 72 zł
2 Beef cheeks/ pearl barley/ vegetable puree/ red wine and Herbes de Provence sauce 54 zł
3 BBQ ribs/ fried cabbage/ new potatoes fried on a pan 39 zł
4 Grilled chicken fillet/ vegetable risotto/ forest mushroom sauce 36 zł
5 Duck/ sauce with forest fruit/ baked apple/ baked vegetables 39 zł
6 Lamb knuckle/ demi glace/ sweet potato puree/ fried vegetables 46 zł

Fish dishes

1 Fried halibut/ blanched spinach/ forest mushrooms 48 zł
2 Fried trout in almond flakes/ green couscous/ saffron and lemon sauce 41 zł
2 Salmon/ grilled goat cheese/ vegetable ravioli 45 zł


1 Fruit sorbets 18 zł
2 Artisan ice cream 21 zł
3 Hot-served citrus fruit pancakes with a scoop of ice cream 19 zł