1 Roasted salmon with oyster sauce, served on rocket with micro herbs 36 zł
cucumber/avocado/cherry tomato/chuka/citrus sauce
2 Salad with smoked duck and forest fruit marmalade 41 zł
3 Salad with sheep’s cheese 36 zł
Blanched broccoli/blanched cauliflower /baby carrot/baby spinach/pumpkin seeds/snow peas


1 Traditional chicken soup with homemade noodles served with chicken leg and carrot 27 zł
2 Regional soup with crayfish and fish from Medwie lake 42 zł
3 Potato soup 32 zł
“Potato soup” Cream of potato soup served with bacon and chives


1 Beef tartare served with pickles and baguette  39 zł
Beef tenderloin/onion/pickles/baguette
2 Freshly baked Venetian baguette served with olive oil, olives and sun-dried tomatoes 32 zł
3 Dried meat platter 36 zł
beef/deer loin/duck/por neck/bread
4 Prawns fried with herbs in sweet chili sauce  42 zł
sea algae/rocket/cherry tomato/cucumber

Side dishes

1 Rustic potatoes 8 zł
2 French fries 8 zł
3 Saffron risotto 10 zł
4 Roasted vegetables 10 zł
5 Grilled vegetables 10 zł
6 Blanched vegetables 8 zł

Main dishes

1 Duck leg with pear flambé and baby vegetables 38 zł
Carrot/cauliflower/snow peas/citrus sauce
2 T-bone with three sauces served with roasted vegetables 92 zł
sauces: ajika, cheese, demi-glace/pepper/courgette/mushroom/tomato
3 Beef tenderloin steak served with baked potato with cottage cheese and a mix of fresh vegetables 81 zł
4 Veal liver with fig served on pearl barley with courgette 39 zł
5 Glazed pork brisket baked with root vegetables 38 zł
Celery/sweet potato/carrot/ajika sauce
6 Chicken breast in peanut sauce 38 zł
zucchini/onion/pepper/potato/ broccoli

Fish dishes

1 Fried Baltic herring with tartare sauce, served on potato and spinach puree  48 zł
2 Compose your own Fish from Miedwie Lake 42 zł
fried or roasted
black and white rice or French fries
fresh vegetable salad or blanched vegetables
cucumber/tomato/lettuce mix – cauliflower/broccoli/baby carrot
2 Pockets with salmon with prawn sauce served on ratatouille 56 zł


1 Ice cream of the house: basil, with fruit, vanilla 21 zł
2 Creme brulee 18 zł
3 Seasonal fruits mousse with mascarpone cream 16 zł
granola/forest fruit pulp