About Dworek Hetmański

Welcome to the Dworek Hetmanski

An exclusive place for those who care! It is a great place to go for business and leisure travelers, families and nature lovers. We provide courtly service, ambience and privacy of home security! The Manor is located on the clean and vast lake Miedwie. In this area there are many monuments: the church of the fifteenth century, Renaissance Koszewko Mansion and neo-baroque Koszewo Palace (was owned by a Nazi Marshal Von Paulus), and one of the oldest parks, where you can find unusual and unheard of in other parts trees and shrubs .

Quiet neighborhood and exclusive interior of the manor is also conducive to creative business environment. Harmony and peace prevailing here will put you in a good mood atmosphere, as during business meetings and conferences the expected results will be achieved.

During your stay in the Manor we suggest you take advantage of the restaurant, where in the stylish and unique atmosphere, you can taste our dishes.

„We sell unlimited quantities of silence and fresh air for free!”

This is a place where history meets the present. Dworek Hetmanski in Koszewko is the only truly Ukrainian manor house in Poland. According to an old Polish saying it is that is the closest is the most imperceptible; often we do not know that a real paradise for body and soul is close to us. If you want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, wake up with the birds singing, look at the forests and fields – welcome to Koszewko.

What a place is rich in…

The Manor was built in 2003 on the initiative of the owner. – My family comes straight from Ukraine. Based on tradition we decided to create a truly Ukrainian manor in Poland- says the owner. Undoubtedly it is its location that is one of the greatest assets of the manor, away from city noise. Just 12 km from Stargard and 30 km from Szczecin, you will find a true paradise on earth. With a clean country air and stunning views the Manor impresses with its architecture. It was built in the Baroque style, being perfectly integrated into surroundings. The owners of the manor bet on the beauty of nature. For years, they continue to embellish the large garden.