1 Chopped Norwegian salmon tartare 28,00 zł
with onion, wasabi tobiko caviar served with bread.
2 Traditional steak tartare with chopped sirloin enveloped 32,00 zł
with pickles and onions and crispy toast.
3 Chopped fresh tuna tartare 36,00 zł
with avocado, red onion and freshly baked baguette.
4 Freshly baked Venetian baguette 20,00 zł
served with aromatic olive oil and olives.


1 Salmon marinated 26,00 zł
in herbs served on leaves of frisee and arugula with citrus dressing.
2 Mix salad  24,00 zł
with fried country chicken breast, tomatoes and cucumber topped with pesto sauce.

Main dish

1 Fried duck breast 39,00 zł
prepared sous vide served with chick peas, mushrooms and plum wine sauce.
2 Grilled salmon  45,00 zł
with mashed green peas served with grilled eggplant and a sauce with a hint of wasabi.
3 Spanish Mussels  38,00 zł
in creamy sauce flavored with curry.
4 Chicken breast  36,00 zł
prepared sous vide on the dyed squid tagliatelle accompanied by sugar peas and sauce with dried tomatoes.
5 Breaded pork chop  26,00 zł
on the platter, fried home-made lard served with fried cabbage and potato pieces.
6 Polish beef steak  69,00 zł
with pesto herb served with french fries and home salad with fresh vegetables.
7 Marinated, roasted fillet of Atlantic cod  48,00 zł
served with red rice and baby vegetables.
8 Fillet of pheasant  38,00 zł
prepared sous vide served with roasted pear and apple with vegetables sous vide and topped with passion fruit sauce.
9 Pork loin  39,00 zł
served with buckwheat bulgur and grilled vegetables.


1 Parmesan broth  19,00 zł
with dumplings
2 Old Polish sour soup 22,00 zł
with bread, sausage, egg and mushrooms.
3 Benedictin Soup 29,00 zł
spicy fish broth with slices of salmon, cod, mussels and shrimp.
3 Cold Lithuanian 16,00 zł
with egg (ask your waiter).


1 Chocolate fondant  21,00 zł
melted cookies with dark chocolate served with a scoop of ice cream.
2 Ice cream  18,00 zł
with pieces of Robine pistachio
3 Natural sorbets with fruit  16,00 zł
flavors to choose from.