1 Traditional tartare made from chopped beef 32,00 PLN
2 Tartare made from chopped Norwegian salmon 29,00 PLN
3 Pickled salmon with a note of whisky served with toast  30,00 PLN
4 A plate of our own deli meats, dried and long-matured within a herbal mix according to our Chef's recipe (beef, duck, pork chop, chicken) 30,00 PLN
5 Freshly baked Venice baguette served with olive oil and olives 20,00 PLN
6 Duck livers served with caramelized apples, topped with fruits of the forest sauce 28,00 PLN
7 New Zealand green-lipped mussels roasted with parmesan cheese  35,00 PLN
8 Seafood asse 35,00 PLN
9 Grilled king prawns seasoned with Oriental sauce  39,00 PLN


1 Seafood salad seasoned with tobiko and sea alga 21,00 PLN
2 Grilled veal tenderloin served with baked vegetables and salad 32,00 PLN
3 Salad mix with chicken seasoned with Asia sauce  24,00 PLN
4 Baked beetroots in red wine with a mix of herbs served on lettuce leaves seasoned with pine nuts and blue-veined cheese 25,00 PLN

Main dish

1 Roe-deer Eisbein slowly stewed in herbs and red wine served 38,00 PLN
with country-style potatoes along with tomato and onion salad and home-made sauces
2 Rib eye steak served with polenta and grilled vegetables 69,00 PLN
3 Crispy duck leg served with freeze-dried fruit preserves  38,00 PLN
4 Farmstead duck sous vide fillet served 39,00 PLN
with fruit a’la ratatouille and blackcurrant-cherry sauce
5 Fully baked quails served with lettuce on a vegetable puree  39,00 PLN
6 Rack of lamb with juniper and wine sauce served with grilled vegetables and couscous 92,00 PLN
7 Baked pork neck served with pepper sauce, boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables 31,00 PLN
8 Ribs in BBQ sauce served with fries 37,00 PLN
9 Bolognese 26,00 PLN
10 Seafood Tagliatelle 28,00 PLN
11 Carbonara 23,00 PLN
12 Salmon topped with cream-caviar sauce, served with buckwheat pasta and vegetables 43,00 PLN
13 Trout fillet baked with spinach, served with a rice mix 39,00 PLN
14 Grilled bream served with blanched vegetables and pesto sauce  36,00 PLN
15 Mackerel baked with Herbes de Provence, served on cauliflower puree  30,00 PLN


1 Quail broth served with home-made pasta 27,00 PLN
2 Bouillabaisse fish stew 35,00 PLN
3 Piti served with mutton, chickpeas and dried plums 28,00 PLN
4 Sour rye soup with white sausage, egg and mushrooms  27,00 PLN


1 Cherry strudel served with a scoop of ice cream and fruits of the forest sauce 22,00 PLN
2 Apple strudel served with a scoop of ice cream and fruits of the forest sauce 22,00 PLN
3 Coconut Panna Cotta 18,00 PLN
4 Ricotta Cheesecake 19,00 PLN